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An Open Message to Ron Paul Supporters from “Ron Paul girl” - Part 1-3 (by LibertarianAnn)

Published on Jul 9, 2012 by

Excuse the fact I didn’t have time to edit it. by the time I edit my videos, it’s too late to upoad. Like for example I would cut out where I forget names usually. But a girls gotta sleep. This is first part 1 and sorry trying to just establish who I am real quick. Kinda. thanks, Brooke, Libertarian Ann
Talking about Lawyers 4 Ron Paul and
new channel, still have
Canty upload long vids to it though
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I will upload part 2 and 3 so please listen to them (the point I do get to promise) but right now in 5 minutes 12PM central i got a show to host. call in if you can. Love ya. mean it. See u in Tampa. I do have a point….promise
This is a new channel, still have
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Radio show on daily! Call in!
Show link her is the follow up to video. Find out in it that the “lettter” was a draft from Gilbert. So check one myth dispelled. so much disinformation. check it out now